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brb having a Scissor Sisters Renaissance

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The Scissor Sisters are five crazy-talented individuals who came together to make some totally awesome and catchy music.

Word of advice- there are a metric ton of pics under this cut. I suggest opening it in a new tab, go surf for a few minutes, then come back to see. Also, most of the pics are DVD caps and are biiiiig.
Meet the band. )

Have some freshly uploaded music videos. )

Concert pics. Many, many concert pics. )

And a super-special treat for everyone. )

All the screencaps (and tons more) can be found in this gallery. I can't provide sources for all the promo pics- I've had them from since I began keeping track of where I DLed pics from. All caps nabbed by me, feel free to take and use.

My point in making this mammoth post? You should really try this band out. You will not be disappointed. Their songs and full of heart and humor. They are awesome people and will rock your world. I am eternally grateful to [ profile] scrunchy for hooking me up to their tunes in the first place.

And that's all.


PS: By way, this post included:
[81] pics
[3] videos
[19] very, very special goodies zipped in a SendSpace link

I call this an Epic Victory.

ETA: Dudes, I just found really hilarious trailers for the DVD that portray like a movie about "five sisters on a journey to find something they lost" and it is lolarious.

Oh, Del. Worrying about pantylines. :3
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I just spent the last way-too-long screencapping the fuck out of my Ta-Dah DVD. I have about 80 caps, plus many promo shots hidden away in my resource files. This means two things.

1. There will be a massive Scissor Sisters picspam coming up.
B. Icons. Many icons. Blame the awesomeness that is the "Kiss You Off" video.

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All day, I've been trying to terribly hard to rip the Ta-Dah concert footage I have on DVD. When I try to do it with the effortlessly easy program on Ubuntu, the laptop freezes before I can finish. When I try to do it on the desktop, I have to find a Windows program that isn't bullshitty and gets me the full thing without massive desync.

:whinges: Is it so much to ask for? I just wanna rip the audio so I can have the live versions of all these songs. Because the live version? Has utterly spoiled me for the album versions. Hearing Jake and Ana knocking every song out of the park, hearing Del's kickin' solos, and the exponentially awesome "Filthy/Gorgeous" and "Contact High".

:kicks her laptop: Stop sucking!



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