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Because I like getting things and I like making things.

In case you don't know/remember how this works: Post a list of things you'd like. Small things are best: small fics, graphics, icons, etc. You can ask for items, but that's not really the point. In return, look at other people's lists. If there is an item on their list you can fill, then try to do so! There's no pressure, just some gift-giving.

Okay, so, what do I want... :thinks:

  1. An Arthur Darvill picspam. Or, if someone happens to have a folder full of pics of him, I'd love a copy.

  2. Music mixes! Don't need to be thematic-- just "Happy music!" or "mellow music!" or "porn-writing music!" I love music mixes. 8D

  3. Someone make a book rec post. I have no idea what to read. I like Urban Fantasy, feminism, QUILTBAG characters, and pretentious post-modernism. Oh, and modern myths. I like Gaiman and Danielewski, okay, leave me alone.

  4. I am not good at thinking of stuff... I'm going to be unoriginal and ask for book-style fanart covers again. I love those things, love seeing people's graphical interpretations of written work. Doesn't have to be my fic-- I'd love to see anything for the Dresden fandom.

  5. IDK, some more Dreamwidth paid time? Not LJ, because I'm an anti-fan of LJ lately and could let my account there lapse without stress. Thanks, LGI! :curtsies:

  6. Now for things that might actually cost money... If someone wanted to buy me some of Teavana's Tranquil Dream or Chai Rooibos, I wouldn't say no.

  7. If anyone has a spare copy of Terraria lying around (I know a lot of people buy the four-pack), I'd love to try it. Love me some sandbox gaming.

Thaaaaaat's it? I think. Outside my deepest, darkest secret fannish want, AKA Fannish Dream # 1, but it's the sort of embarrassing shit you should never admit in public.

NOW! GO MAKE YOUR LISTS! I swear if I am able to supply any items on someone's list, I will. I don't have a lot of money for physical gifts, so this kind of thing is my way of gift-giving? If you make a list, feel free to comment here with it!

Because my DW reading list is terrible and I may not see it otherwise. >.>

ETA: OH OH. Unofficial extra item: Does anyone know of any Dreamwidth-based RP games? I've been jonesing for some RP for months now and have no one to play with. 8(


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