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I know a lot of the folks on my FList collect writing meta and advice. Does anyone have anything for writing a story that revolves around a crime? I have pages upon pages of notes for the Psych fic, but I have no idea how to structure something like this.

Any help, folks and fen?

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It's possible I'm writing new fic. This time for Psych. Before I left the fandom two-ish years ago, I had it in my head to write a fic where Lassiter was a psychic, but couldn't come up with the right means and method to manage it.

Two years later, I'm back and armed with The Sandman. Franz Ferdinand's Tonight, and a shiny new document in GoogleDocs. I'm still unsure if I'm good enough to write this idea, but I think the odds are better this time.

This should be fun.

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone left on this FList watches the show. Hrm. There's a spanner in the works. Oh well, cross the beta bridge when I come to it.

seems I keep getting this story twisted, so where is Neil when you need him?

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Sweet Jesus, I love Tim Omundson. He writes the Lassiter blog on the Psych website and I just.... don't have enough love for this.

He thinks he's more Scully than Mulder and calls the IT guys idiot savants, referring to them as his own Lone Gunmen. And he has them mess with his laptop so iTunes will stop miscategorizing his songs. And he's a stickler for getting his music legally.

Can we have Tim O. write an episode? Please? I would die of pure joy.

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I just watched the first episode of Dexter since Mum rented the DVD on a whim.

Holy shit. Michael Hall will always be the nice, kinda unhinged gay guy on Six Feet Under to me (with the awesome cop boyfriend) but... God, Dexter is fascinating. I'm totally disgusted by what he is, but he's so damn compelling and his inner monologue is so amiable... It's all so confusing. :so very torn:

I think I really need to grab the book. (I think it was a book first, right?)

And, talking to Mum about it, I realized that Dexter is basically Shawn Spencer, but more fucked up. Which makes me want crossover fic. Someone must have already written it though.

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So there's a Psych fic archive that has a no slash rule, right? Most of you big in the fandom know the one I'm talking about. Anyway, I think it's a great idea because, frankly, I understand how much slash there is in the fandom and it must suck for non-slashers.

But I was looking closer at the site for kicks (hey, forums! I love seeing for folk meta about!) and I found a stickied thread about the subject in which the person who ran the site gave her reason for it. She said that she didn't want slash because, one, she didn't enjoy reading it and it's her archive (understandable), and two, she didn't want fics that are "out of character".


Okay, I'm not going to email her or anything, it's her right, but...

Psych is among the gayest shows I've ever seen. Shawn Spencer is bisexual, or at least the television character with the most questionable heterosexuality I've ever seen. I think it's very possible to argue the same for Gus (though he doesn't ping my gaydar quite as often). Lassiter, now canonically I do believe he'd a good Kinsey 2 ("Psy vs. Psy", anyone?) and it takes some creative writing to make S/L work.

I actually think it's more OOC to write Shawn as anything lower than a Kinsey 3 than anything. If the archive owner just kept it to "I don't like slash, my archive, so there," that'd be fine. But... oi.

I dunno. It's weird and I've been thinking about it for a while. Back to cleaning and vaccuuming for me.


PS: I'm still obsessively watching my Sisters DVD. I keep intending to take screencaps and do a huge picspam to make ya'll wanna go out and buy it, but I keep getting distracted.
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This episode is battling "Cloudy With A Slight Chance of Murder" for the spot of Best Psych Episode Evaaaar.

Oh, Steve Weber. Oh, Shawn. Oh, Gus. OH, LASSIE AND JULES.

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Okay, everyone who is even remotely aware of Twilight should read this.

:wipes away tears of laughter:



dkjghdkhgjkrhg OMG YAY
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My day has been long. Woke up at 7, went to work with Mum, canvased for jobs three times, filled out the applications, then returned them. It was fuckin' hot outside too. Came home, had a big ol' headache, took a nap, and now I am here. :D

I have a good chance to get a job at Stage since they need a morning person and I am looking for a morning to afternoon job. Whoo! \o/

In fannish news, [ profile] shoemoney2night managed to sum up the one thing I really don't like about Psych.
SM2N: Sometimes it feels as though the PTB are just trying to play up Lassiter's ineptitude because for there to be a competent cop on the force might detract from Shawn's awesomeness.

Me: I absolutely agree. I mean, I literally could not have said it myself. I keep hoping to someday go to a con where Steve Franks and co. are so I may ask them about their process and characterization. Because, um, when you set up a character's backstory as if he's a brilliant detective (youngest head detective, omg), you should not constantly undercut him because that doesn't just make him look bad- it makes all policemen and women look like fools. THAT is not kosher.

I love Psych. I really do. But sometimes it is hard to like.

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So, I'm talking to [ profile] chi1013 about how I have to do a Shawn mix because "Music is the Victim" by the Scissor Sister is so perfect for Shawn, it physically pains me. And Chris and I get to talking about how Jake could have written it about Shawn, and I'm like "Because they met once in Houston, Texas?" (if you know the song, last verse) and she's like "OMG YES"

and now I may be writing a fast and dirty psychfic about the Scissor Sisters playing in Santa Barbara, Shawn and Jake having had a Thing in the past, and a case about sabotage on the stage or something.

So, yeah. Look out for that.

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Now introducing the fruits of a week of labor. :D

Easy Once You Know How It's Done
A Psych Fanmix by [ profile] lucia_tanaka

20 tracks accompanied by a lot of art and a tracklist

Can't stop now, it's already begun )

If the link dies, let me know and I shall re-upload. it.

This is the most fun I've had making a mix. I am extremely happy with how it turned out and hope that you all will enjoy it. :D


xposted everywhere
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Why must so many Ben Folds songs work perfectly for Shawn and Gus? Things like this make fanmixes harder to plan out.

:rocks out to the live version of "One Angry Dwarf":

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So, um, I'm not making a fanmix. I'm making two fanmixes. One for the overall show (it will be a long mix, probably +20 songs) and a Shawn mix. I just have too many Shawn songs and will have to do something with them. Then there's that old S/L mix that I worked on with someone two years ago. May fix that up and finish it. Ugh. :headdesk:

I need more promo shots. :DLing like a mad woman:

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I have half a Psych fanmix planned out.

I guess I'm officially back in the fandom? I've been mainlining episodes, finding the good authors, and trying to set up a scene list for vidding. Psych is a phenomenally hard fandom to vid well. There is actually too much viddable material.

I need some Psych icons. I wonder what there is laying around in way of hi-res promos...

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I'm over here, not watching Psych. God, every single high school reunion I have ever seen portrayed in the media has been like a national convention of things that cue my embarrassment squick. I am never going to my own, that's for sure. :shudders:

It doesn't help that it's another "let's mock Lassiter" episode. :( I know, I'm a weirdo for having him be my favorite character anyway and that status is just going to lead to disappointment and woe, but... but... he's just so sweet! When the writers aren't using him for laughs, he's just this straight-laced cop who works so hard and thinks he's invincible but has all these chinks in his armor that he thinks no one can see but are so obvious.

Like in the season three premiere, when he's talking to Shawn's mom and he goes from "look at this awesome gun I picked up" to this quiet, accepting but melancholic version of himself as soon as she mentions his divorce and you can tell he's not in denial about it anymore and he's growing to accept it and his eyes get downcast and- akjdfrjghkj I love Lassiter. He's my favorite by miles. Miiiiiiles.

I just wish the TPTB would stop sabotaging everything I like about the character. :/ I think I'd love to talk to Omundson about the character since he apparently writes the awesome blog entries that are up on the USA site. That blog is made of greatness and cupcakes, man. I vote Omundson writes an episode someday. It will be a Totally Rockin' Episode.

:waits for a DL of the episode so she can skip squicky scenes at her leisure:


PS: You know you've been watching too much Eddie Izzard when you say "leisure" lie-zur-i-eh.
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Slowly getting a hold of Psych episodes. Someone ages ago sent me links to DVD rips. They still work! How awesome. I'm trying to find the perfect song to vid though. Also, episode 112, Cloudy, Slight Chance of Murder, is my faaaaavorite. :D

And I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright's "Tower of Learning" and... god I love it so much, I cannot even tell you.
All the sights of Paris
Pale inside your iris
Tip the Eiffel Tower with one glance
Stained glass cathedrals with one glint
You smashed it with your eyes
What I'm looking for
One blink and then my heart
Wasn't there no more
I'm looking for the tower of learning
I'm looking for the copious prize

:flails a bit: The whole song is stunning, but that part in particular kills me.

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Goddamn it. Now I wanna get back into Psych so I can write that one drama fic revolving around Lassiter's past, but that would mean I'd have to watch everything I missed so I don't joss myself. But I remember it was a really cool idea (or, I thought so) told in present and past timelines.

The concept was that a series of murders are taking place in Santa Barbara and the criminal keeps leaving unusual clues that only Lassiter is picking up on because, long ago, when he lived with his family in New York or Chicago or wotev, he was a scholarly person who was going to get his degree in literature and become a teacher or some such. His family was very proud of him, but two years in, Something Bad Happens that makes him change his major and go into the police academy instead.

And it was a long, convoluted fic with Lassi's past, the crime in the present, and Shawn trying to figure out the case with Lassiter (and trying to figure out how Lassiter knows all these obscure things). And I just never wrote it.


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Watched Psych for the first time in ages. Oh, I adore Shawn's mom and I still love Lassiter best. :D

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Slod and Scrunch are once again cooler than I am.

All Psych fans go here if you feel confident in your writing ability.

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Title: Good Deed of the Day
Author: Lucia Zephyr ([ profile] lucia_tanaka)
Fandom: Psych, S/L pre-slash
Notes: PG, post-ep quickfic, just some fun trying to make Lassiter's day better. Poor guy.

Summary: Now Gus wasn't speaking to him and Shawn's karma was not looking so good. )



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