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Poll #7429 This is serious business to me, no lie.
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How many times do you use a tea bag before throwing it away?

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One time, for I am a tea novice or possibly I exclusively drink light teas.
15 (40.5%)

Two times, which is pretty okay.
15 (40.5%)

Three times, as I like to live on the edge.
2 (5.4%)

I am a mutant and my superpower is to be able to steep tea four times.
0 (0.0%)

I am God. I can reuse teabags *forever*.
0 (0.0%)

I drink coffee, for I am a classless heathen. True story.
5 (13.5%)

Also, [personal profile] mezzanineview bribed me with Mumford & Sons and Sufjan Stevens, so now I have a tumblr. Anyone want to follow me or whatever?
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[Poll #1525482]

NO, REALLY, WHAT THE FUCK. See, I beat the last one on Hard and it was barely a challenge and since then, I've taken to playing all my games on that difficulty level. BS2 is the first game in a long time I'm playing on Medium, only because Mum talked me down from Hard. ("You wanna save that for your replay! Go Medium!")

I cannot tell you the last time I died in a game because I wasn't doing well enough. I mean, I died a few times in FO3 because of glitches and in Battlefield: Bad Company because I was fucking around instead of really playing like I should. In BS2, I'm hoarding med kits because I need them for every fight. It's ridiculous.

I mean, I'm not a superstar gamer, but I'm usually above average at least.

D8 D8 D8


Also, Mum and I actually have a bet about whether Sinclair will pull an Atlas and betray us at some point. She says he's Obviously (Affably) Evil, I say that twist would be way too predictable and he's really a good guy, if an opportunist. And I won't divulge more than that outside spoiler cut.

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Last night, I completed all the main mission of Brutal Legend. I just have to hunt down the last of the Legend Markers (which tell the amazing and wacky history of the Metal world you're stuck in) and I'll be okay letting to go back to the store.

Oh, Schafer. You may be my One True Developer. I must find a way to get my hands on Grim Fandango after this.

ALSO, beat BL means I will finally get back to work on Repeat to Fade. Whiiiich I haven't touched since I posted part two. LOOK, I WAS DISTRACTED BY METAL OKAY. >.> But, yeah, back to work on that probably tomorrow or tonight.

ALSO ALSO concerning my last post, have a poll:

[Poll #1475686]
Such a group would only be with a few handfuls of people, not open to the general public. It'd require people we trust, so we know who we're sending our games out to. But I think it could be fun and a cool way to cheaply expand out gaming experiences, yanno?

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So I made an ass of myself to my RP crew and think I really need to spread my RP focus wider. And I've been thinking of doing this for a while, so I'd like some advice from my Supernatural-inclined FList. See, myself, I watched S1, S2 up to the first hiatus, and the few handle of episode in S4. I need to know how much of the show to watch. Thus, a poll.

[Poll #1413145]

Also- anyone got a good Castiel fanmix lying around?

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WHY AM I DOWNLOADING THE RESIDENT EVIL 5 GAME DEMO? OH RIGHT, 'CAUSE I'M A MORON. I mean seriously, the scariest game I've ever played is BioShock, and now I'm gonna try this? Also, third person shooters are the hardest games for me to play. I am so bad at them.

And yet, here I am, watching the DL bar slowly tick higher. Why? Because I want to play the game for the story. To you non-gamers, playing a RE game for the story is like buying a wedding dress to use it for a mop. RE has a massive reputation for the narmiest, plotholey story ever.

And yet.

Also, I've been watching the many trailers, and hot damn the game looks pretty. Maybe even MGS4-level pretty. And the lead female is extremely hot. And in the promo art is wielding a shotgun. Yes, I am a shallow shotgun-junkie. Though Chris Redfield's biceps terrify me. BONUS BOSS: THE MONSTER HIDING IN CHRIS' MASSIVE ARMS ESCAPES AND MUST BE KILLED.

So um. Poll time!

[Poll #1358967]
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[Poll #1346655]

And I'm totally listening to "The Device Has Been Modified" remix as I write the app. It's really great for getting that slightly crazy thought process going. :D

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So LJ may be in danger. Or maybe not. No real way of knowing. But I think we're better safe than sorry.

Thus, here is a poll. It's results are locked to my eyes. It's so I can find ya'll should this ship suddenly sink. I'm gonna stash the info in a locally stored text document and clutch it to my chest should LJ capsize.

So any of the following info you're willing to fill me in with would be great.

[Poll #1326441]


PS: I'm lucia_zephyr on GJ, JF, and IJ if you need me. Tho I hear GJ is dead now... Hrm.
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I sent a letter to my congressman, Ike Skelton, a while ago when the rumors about the House folding on FISA floated around. I got his response today. One bit stuck out to me.

While Congress works on a bipartisan basis to finalize the new law [the Protect America Act, modification of the FISA law], there should be no question that U.S. Intelligence agencies have the legal ability to take all actions necessary to protect the security of the American people.

I feel like I should respond. I want to know what checks he thinks should be on these agencies and their expanded powers...

What do ya'll think? Oh, wait, the strike's on.... Oh! I have a solution!

[Poll #1158205]
Am I clever or what? :D :D :D

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Okay, FList. Due to a recent event and the advice of one of my close friends, I'm doing an friends cut.

Here is where you opt in to stay on my FList. Answer the poll below with why you are here. I'm going to start using filters: one for things that FLocked for RPS material, one for thing FLocked for personal reasons.

I'll post another reminder for tomorrow, but I think tomorrow evening, everyone who isn't one of my close LJ buddies or has opted in will be cut.

[Poll #1155944]

Before voting, keep in mind that all my major fics will be crossposted to [ profile] fakenews_fanfic. If you are a member there, then you'll see it anyway.


PS: For why this is happening, info is here and here.
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Keith made a post over at the Daily Kos.

Yeah, it’s me.
Sure has taken me long enough. But, as you may know, I am the shy, retiring type: Hesitant to state an opinion in public and horrified to pass judgment or seem a scold.

Also, he's good to make that statement. I used to think Keith was a Clinton supporter, then I decided he wasn't, then I was confused trying to figure it out. So, yeah. :loser:

[Poll #1121312]


ETA: Oh god, I love you, Rachel. She just went on a five minute tirade about the problems of having the country's most diverse candidates being commented on by a bunch of white guys. It was fucking awesome. ILU, Rachel. ♥
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[Poll #1060644]

ETA: Keep in mind that Iran had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

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I have a hard time just whinging, even though it's my LJ and I'll cry if I want to. So, here's something you folk might actually care about.

I have a tendancy to babble a lot on possible projects. Just off the top of my head I can think of two Psych vids, one Sports Night vid, many fics, and a couple of fanmixes. If you've been reading a while, you may remember a few.

So, let's have a quick poll thing.

[Poll #1030749]
Feel free to go back a while, dredge up anything you're upset I didn't get around to. And don't bother with the pirate AU fic since that's going to be complete if only because I have a co-writer. It's more stressful to work with others, but it is very motivating as well.

Now, really, going to bed. Night, ya'll.


PS: This is a cool song, especially this line: Like a dead devil sailor washed up on the shore/With nothing of note but the old captain's coat. I love funky, weird rhymes like that. Best example of that is Maxell Edison, majoring in medicine. ♥
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So, I'm considering doing a SomethingAwful-style Let's Play.

A LP is when someone plays a video game on a computer emulator and does commentary on it. Usually, two or three people are commenting on everything from gameplay to story to turning all the text into innuendo. It's supposed to be a fun video walkthrough for the game and maybe even spare people from actually playing it. I'm thinking of doing an old SNES game called Illusion of Gaia (or Super Mario RPG?), but since it's an extremely long game, maybe not.

So, the purpose of this post...

[Poll #1016168]
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A small break from my smut writing...

[Poll #966713]


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It's a long holiday and I'm hideously bored. So, let's do a challenge!

The "You're the TPTB This Time" Challenge

One staple of fandom is that the fen are gonna complain about the source. It's a fact of life. But, admittedly, that's not very fair to the writers. God only knows how difficult it is to make a show.

So the challenge is this: You are the TPTB. You write the show or movie. Let's see you do better.


There are four possible responses to this challenge:

A: Write a pitch.
Pretend I'm a network chairman and tell me about your show. Make it charismatic and compelling. Tell me why your show should fill the gap in my Fall season. Make sure to get the point of the show across and make it good!

B: Script a trailer.
By now, I think we've all seen what a film script looks like. So write me a trailer, one of those two minute long bastards they show before feature presentations in the theatre. And, no, don't worry about messing with camera and SFX and the technical stuff. Just gimme a trailer.

C: Write a scene.
Write me one full scene in normal, non-script style. For you fanfic-types. Give me a dramatic or hilarious bit that shows off your characters and the tone of the show.

D: Make a poster.
Occassionally, you'll see a movie poster so good, you head home and look up the film in question, just because you have to know. Artistic people, make a trailer. Feel free to hit up sites like for stock images and include a campy tagline. Have fun with it.

The big catch to all this? It must be an original creation. Non-fannish. Feel free to pull a Tarantino and riff off something else, but the idea should be your own. Do something in the style of Whedon (quirky dialogue, philosophical, kick-ass women), Sorkin (pedeconferencing, high English, someone named Dan), or Kripke (pop culture, awesome folklore research, incestuous subtext) if you like.


It's a long holiday weekend, so sit down for a hour and pump something fun out. Post it in your own LJ and then comment in this entry with a link. No set deadline, but's it's sort of something to burn time on the holiday. So about a week, maybe?

Hope you guys find this fun. Go out and have fun!

[Poll #962328]
*gets to work*


PS: *pokes FList until everyone starts pimping this*
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I'm sure you've all heard about Out trying to, well, out Andy again. But at least it's a compliment this time. Second most powerful queer? Awesome! *applaudes*

In other news, I've been wanting to get Out for... a long time now. I read their site fairly regularly. So, poll time!

[Poll #959933]

Just realized something, PRT fen. Tomorrow? Keith's so going to comment on this. 'Cause he's a bastard and, dude, took a line from Men's Journal and gave Andy a WPitW award for it. Goddamnit, Keith, I am not in a mood to do damage control again. Please be with the shutting up, yes?



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