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I now have 44 friends.

If you feel you were defriended wrongly, lemme know. If I didn't immediately link you to someone I talked to/read often, you were out. My memory could be shoddy.

Maybe this will cut down on drama. :face in hands: Or maybe I should just never try to help out again. Keep my mouth shut and opinions to myself.


PS: Mother. When I tell you using the washer, even just the spin cycle, will leak water all over the floor, I am not kidding. Can you listen to the person who actually does the chores, please.
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I think I'm gonna take that hiatus. At least for a little while.

Meaning I won't be posting for a while and my comments will drop. I'll try to be on aim and I'll keep with my writing. But I just need to chill for a bit.

Remember, ya'll, Cliche Fic Challenge is up at the end of the month. If you need me, email.

Sorry to everyone I've been passive aggressive or just plain aggressive to.


Do you know, I think I realize why I'm such a horrible mun. I can't come out and say what's bothering me. I've been living in a house where my problems and pains and concerns don't matter because I don't contribute to the household enough for warrant that right. Even now that I have a job, I'm still secondary to my mother's needs because I don't bring in enough money yet. I still wait on her and take care of her when she's sick and do as I'm told.

I don't know how to say "I want this."
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oh great something else going wrong

My paid account is expiring in 12 days. Questions:

1. What happens to your userpics when your account expires? I mean, I have over 100.
2. If you get your paid account back, do the userpics return, or do you have to reupload every single one?
3. Same with layout, will it come back?

At the very least, I think this layout is Plus Account compatible, so with some futzing, I can keep it, I guess.

Oi vey.


PS: I now have footage of MGS1, MGS2, and MGS3 in .avi. Provided I find MGS4 as well, that vid I've been planning for months is actually gonna happen.
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the dashboard melted but we still have the radio
(the dashboard melted but we ran it good, we ran it good)
hardwired to conceive so much we had to stow it
even needs have needs, tiny giants make tinier giants
don't wear eyelids so I don't miss the last laugh of the show
(the dashboard melted but we still have the-)
well, we coulda been, shoulda been worse than you would ever know
well, you told me about nowhere- well, it sounds like someplace I'd like to go
now here we go
well, we schemed and we schemed but we'd always blow it
we've yet to crash but we still might as well tow it

saying, "see, it wasn't quite as bad as
it woulda been, coulda been worse than you would ever know"

I suppose it'd be wise to get ready to bid farewell to you all. Just in case.

I was given an ultimatum. I have a week to be hired or I'll be forced to sell many of my possessions (including my 360 and my laptopl) and move to Florida. As in, in two weeks, I'm gone.

I don't know if I'll be able to stay in contact once I'm there. I don't know what my resources will be but for my grandmum's sofabed. There is a lot of I Don't Know at the moment.

I... As much as I insist to my RP buddies that I am nothing like my character, there is one aspect in which we are identical. We both love very easily. And I do love all of you who've gifted me with your time and attention, advice and laughter. Every second that one of you gave me cause to think of something other than my shitty situation was like gifting a starved man with ambrosia, and I thank you all for it.

It's my only hope that I don't lose you all. I am a weak person at my core and rely on my connections to others to survive. Losing my home and my loved ones all at once will utterly destroy me- I know this, and am already steeling myself for it, overdosing myself on musical hope and trying to shut of that urge to be with and talk with people. I can only pray to non-existent gods that it will be an unneeded precautions, but I've never been a person to be considered lucky.

It's been a complete and total dream to know you all. Don't underestimate how much joy you can grant a person.

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After... over a year, I at last have a new layout.

[ profile] lucia_tanaka

Going to be making a few more changes. New FO banner maybe, or just get rid of that all together. Maybe get a moodtheme? I dunno yet...

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So LJ may be in danger. Or maybe not. No real way of knowing. But I think we're better safe than sorry.

Thus, here is a poll. It's results are locked to my eyes. It's so I can find ya'll should this ship suddenly sink. I'm gonna stash the info in a locally stored text document and clutch it to my chest should LJ capsize.

So any of the following info you're willing to fill me in with would be great.

[Poll #1326441]


PS: I'm lucia_zephyr on GJ, JF, and IJ if you need me. Tho I hear GJ is dead now... Hrm.
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Okay, here's what Obama should do: The Democratic Party has always been progressive and forward-looking on the issue of gender and racial equality. It's nice to see the Republicans finally taking that stance as well.


Also, who bought me twelve months of LJ time? Who was it? Fess up!



ETA: Okay! I have footage of the MSNBC panel rocking out to Stevie Wonder. Anyone have the ability to make .gifs? There must be Dancing Rachel .gifs. They need to exist.
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Thank you. You didn't need to do that. I appreciate it,

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Your LiveJournal paid account for user "lucia_tanaka" is expiring in 5 days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

That means I get, what, 15 icons and lose my rolling header layout.

:sad face: Ah well.

Spent most of my day watching the Petraeus/Crocker testimony. A lot of rocking occurred, but the one question I wanted answered was dodged: Does the administration have the power to attack Iran without Congressional approval?


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Well, the filtering it done now. I tried to make sure everyone was included. Also, the intro post has been (nearly) wiped, so folks can lemme know when they wanna be friended.

So. That's that!

In an unrelated note, I'm watching Enchanted and it is fucking crazypants.

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Okay, FList. Due to a recent event and the advice of one of my close friends, I'm doing an friends cut.

Here is where you opt in to stay on my FList. Answer the poll below with why you are here. I'm going to start using filters: one for things that FLocked for RPS material, one for thing FLocked for personal reasons.

I'll post another reminder for tomorrow, but I think tomorrow evening, everyone who isn't one of my close LJ buddies or has opted in will be cut.

[Poll #1155944]

Before voting, keep in mind that all my major fics will be crossposted to [ profile] fakenews_fanfic. If you are a member there, then you'll see it anyway.


PS: For why this is happening, info is here and here.
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I'd like to be the first person to say Thank you to Six Apart and Livejournal.

No, I am not joking. I now have a strong urge to slap anyone who's bitching about LJ's bannings. 'Cause, fuck, we have things good right now.


ETA: [ profile] miriam_heddy calls shenanigans in the comments here and raises a few points against the essay. Keep it in mind, folks.
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I love the new topbar on LJ, with the Northern Lights shinyness and such. I am always strangely gleeful over changes in LJ's look.

"Seasons Greetings", though? ALACK! IT IS THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS AGAIN!

I just got done watch Keith. I am gleeful.


PS: To [ profile] scrunchy, the fanmixes are totally happening. Especially Anderson's mix, which I've titled Message in a Bottle. I only hope you'll like the song choices. *beams*

PPS: Anyone have songs that remind you of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Olbermann, or Anderson Cooper, lemme know. Doubly so for Jon, Stephen, and Keith. Andy is easy to find tunes for.
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*looks passively at all the FList cursing and swearing at LJ for crashing*

I'm gonna get killed for this, but: THANK YOU, LJ, for crashing like that. Those few hours of broken servers got me to finally get my ass in gear for my NaNoWriMo novel. THANK YOU.

I started today with 456 words.

And I'm still on a roll.

So, no FList + Abbey Road = novel, apparently.

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I've commited my first username ban from my LJ.

'Cause, really... I BELIEVE IN EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLE. And, to be quite frank and blunt, I think anyone who doesn't needs to wake the fuck up and grow the fuck up.

I am prejudiced. Against close-minded people. And the user in question has been doing this for months even though our friendship faded well-over a year ago. I'm sick of it and I just don't want to deal with it anymore. I'm done being civil.

*fucking well BANS your ass!*

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I propose that Friday be International LJ Whine Day.

That's right, WHINE day.

Friday is the day where you get to whine about anything you want; wether it be that nobody liked your really cool story, or the fact that your boss is totally out of it, they're ruining your show, or that you've still haven't gotten that damn pony you asked for when you were four and still expect every birthday.

Friends-lock it or not, whine about whatever you want, even if it seems totally stupid or childish, even if it's not "nice" or "mature", whine. Post a fandom post and a real life post, just whine about the stupid stuff that pisses you off or the talents you wish you had or the fact that there isn't any boy porn on the teevee. Include pictures, voicepost, just whine it up!

So, prepare your whine and pass the memeage around.

Relatives )

Numb3rs )

Doctor Who )

Florida )

Commenting )


I think that's it for now. Made do more if it occurs to me.

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I, for one, welcome our new LJ setups. I'm not bothered by the new setups. I'm bothered by the move to my LJ more popular for 'youth'. It's bloody fine the way it is, thanks, and I signed up for LiveJournal, not MySpace or bleedin' Xanga!

So, yes. I sign.

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LOOK at my layout.

Seriously, is it NOT stunning and awesome and hilarious and LOOK! Hot men making goofy faces!

It's made by [ profile] space_graphics, who does really, truly amazing work.

Fandom is Fucking Serious Business, dude.

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Dude, my account is now sponsored because I'm a whore and want more icons.

*smooches LJ*

Though, if it irritates me, I'll switch back.

LJ ICONS! *squee*



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