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  • Ideal vechicle for getaway is a bicycle. Not a motorcycle. Everything else can get stuck in the destruction that will litter the road. And, if the terrain gets rough, you can bring it with you.

  • At the first signs of zombies, run water. Fill all your sinks and tubs with water. You're gonna need it if you're waiting it out.

  • Zombies don't need to breathe. They can stay under water until their bodies decay, so be careful.

  • DEAD PEOPLE WILL NOT BECOME ZOMBIES. Once a body is decomposed, that's it. So, really, graveyards aren't the hell holes some movies portray.

  • Stay away from hospitals. There's a good chance the outbreak started there. The best places to go for a home base: Military bases and prisons (the kind with the old-fashioned concrete walls).

  • Unless you can make a headshot, the only way to kill a zombie, that gun isn't gonna be much use.

Why yes, I have read the Zombie Survival Guide.

Explanation here.


PS: The Pirate AU [ profile] flakygoddess and I are so not writing has reached +13K words. The shit is this?


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