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Time for some Scrunchean bullet points.

  1. Yep, I'm back a day early. *waves* Hope you all haven't gone up in flames (or flamewars) while I was gone.

  2. Why am I back early? Well, Mum made a deal with me: we finish due South, I can get back online. I mainlined the entire fourth season this weekend. I walk away with a few thoughts:
    a) Ray Vecchio is the coolest character I've ever met in my fannish life. I mean, really, there is NO COMPARISON. It is all about Ray to me. I have to make a new banner for my LJ, I need some RayV love up there.
    b) Oh wow, that show could not have been gayer if Fraser had been living with RayK. Wow.
    c) Ray and Benny rode off into the Canadian sunset together. *speechless* Was the TPTB just fucking with the fans?
    d) I WANT FIC. I'm equal opportunity Ray-wise. I will always love Vecchio more, but I have seen the love that is Kowalski too. And Benny is so going to let Ray stay in Canada with him in a cabin while he spends some time figuring out who Stanley Raymond Kowalski really is. Poor boy and his identity crisis.

  3. My pundits are not forgotten. I've been going through some heavy withdrawal symptoms with Keith gone so long. And my fingers have been itching to write.

  4. This is a really stunning song. This Aimee Mann girl, she any good?

  5. Anyone want some Joe Scarborough icons? I'm gonna make myself one for sure, but I can do a batch of 'em if you guys want.

  6. Rode off into the sunset together. Seriously.

  7. I want some Elton John. Is that bad? Is Elton John considered cool anymore?

Hi, ya'll.

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I know there are both Canadian and American versions of due South RayK Arc. I have seasons one and two on US DVD. Anyone wanna be a doll and explain to me how I should go about getting the second half of the series? Which version works best?



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