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I'm trying to get my Agent Washington RP account squared away. Got a pretty app complete with some shiny screencaps. Now I'm looking at the 30 icons of space I have.

See, I needed a PB for Washington, so when I first made the account, I picked Josh Duhamel because he kinda fit. But now, after Recreation, I'm not so confident in the choice. You can see the icons here. Something just doesn't fit.

I wish I could just get some fanart, but most is drawn with the helmets on. The closest I've seen to a really good look for Wash is this piece of fanart, but it's a one-off thing, sadly.

Can anyone think of an actor who kinda looks like the guy in that art? Or anyone that might fit a hyper-competent, half-crazy soldier type?

Then again, anything's better than the concept designs Luke McKay, RvB's art guy, came up with. Ugh.

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So yeah. WASH. AAAAAH. ♥ This was a weird season. Kind of a filler/set-up for whatever's to come, obviously, but it also really changed things for me. I started to care about the Red Team (minus Simmons, who I'm starting to really want to punch in the mouth) and for Tucker, two unprecedented events. I have a LOT of questions that need answering, the most baffling being how the fuck is the Meta alive? I was expecting to find out at the end its just a crazy Agent Maine, but no, it seems that's really the Meta. So... how?

But yeah. Filler and set-up, but pretty good filler and set-up.

And WAAAAAAAAASH. How so badass, Washington? How so badass?


PS: Oh man, when did Tucker get competent? That was awesome!
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I've watched the finale of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction eleven times now.

I still can't stop holding my breath at the last ten seconds. I actually think I'm gonna rip the audio of the Chairman and the Director's dictations and put them on my Zune. Also, as lame as it is, I'm trying to memorize the final dictation of the Director. I've got the second half down pat by now, even got most of the accent. :D

So, yeah, I'm asking for this for Christmas this year. I have to have it. Plus, only $20, so a cheap gift. :D I'm easy.

Okay, my cursor keeps hovering over the play button on my VLC Player (I ripped all the RvB:R eps), so I'm gonna go attempt to not suck at MGS for a while.

God. Still the best ending to any show ever.

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oh m


I just

Oh my god.


I do believe the finale of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction just killed me. I just...

I am literally sitting here trying to form words. I have nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen. I do believe.... That The West Wing has been knocked out of the top spot for my all time favorite television show.

Because holy shit, that was amazing.


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  1. I FOUND TWIN SNAKES. There is one used copy going for $37 at a little corner store in downtown Town. The guy who runs the place was kind enough to put it behind the counter for me. Tomorrow, I'm gonna sell back a bunch of books I have so I can afford the game. Seriously, a thing point, the game could play like crap and I wouldn't care. This is my Amulet of Yendor after my long quest.

  2. Speaking of me being a colossal fucking nerd, I just realized today while I was playing with my hair (when you've had long hair for 18 years, short hair doesn't lose it's novelty very fast) that I have the perfect hair to cosplay as certain character from MGS. Only problem is I have no con to go to if I did get an outfit together. Speaking of, I'd need...
    • Long white coat

    • Dark turtleneck (preferably green, black, or navy)

    • White pants

    • Black leather gloves

    The rest I pretty much have. Though I wear hornrims as opposed to his pretty silver wirerims, but wotev, I can fudge that. Carry a briefcase, maybe a little earpiece to talk to Snake via codec? :D :D :D Anyone wanna be my Snake?

  3. Also, I really really love this piece of fanart. Oh, Philanthropy. ILU~! ♥ Yeah, I've been throwing myself deep into the MGS fandom pool and the Snake+Otacon (exchange that "+" for a "/" if you prefer) relationship fascinates me. Even platonically, I see a lot of love between the two of them.

    Plus, seeing the nerdy guy come into his own and be a powerful asset to a team makes me happy. Otacon = player proxy? Or Otacon = Kojima's creator proxy? Eh, after I play through the series, I think I'll have a lot of thinky thoughts on Otacon, because he is somebody's fucking proxy, i just need more time and info to pin down whose. I've even dug out my old OPM copies from the bottom of the library's dustiest shelf and am reading old Kojima interviews to try to make my point better. Don't be alarmed- from what I've noticed, MGS inspires everyone to go meta.

  4. Is "whose" the possessive form, or is it "who's"?

  5. WHY IS THE FINAL EPISODE OF RED VS. BLUE: RECONSTRUCTION NOT UP YET? THIS IS MAKING ME ANGRY. YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I AM ANGRY, ROOSTER TEETH PRODUCTIONS. (Sidenote: Mum is stupid. She liked Woo's version of The Incredible Hulk more than the Edward Norton version. FAIL, MUM. FAIL.)

  6. On the other hand, Yahtzee just did a review of Saints Row 2. Shame. I was hoping for a Fable 2 review because I've heard a lot about how buggy that game is and I wanna see Mr. Croshaw go off on Peter Molyneux again. :D :D :D So glad I'm not the only one who hates that pretentious twatwaffle.

  7. I told Mum that Rach got ahold of a face-to-face Obama interview and for the next half hour, all she could say was, "How the hell did she pull that off?" Because Rachel is made of magical awesome, Mum! Also, "chirpy, gay liberal"? Bitch, Imma gonna hafta ask ya to step outside. :puts up her dukes:

  8. In ficland, I am totally stagnant ATM. I think the election has fried my brain. Hell, I haven't even watched Keith in a week. Can't handle it anymore. After the Fourth, though, I think I'll finish "Love-ology"... Sorry for the horrific delay.

  9. And finally, I bought another pair of pinstriped pants. I AM A SHALLOW, PREDICTABLE PERSON. You let me loose in a clothing store and I will either open up my DS and play some Ace Attorney or I will gravitate towards the pinstripes. I am a simple creature.

  10. ETA: Hey, considering that DW spoiler: )

That's all, folks. Felt good to do one of these after so long. :D Now, if you'll excuse me, my stomach feels like it's about to re-enact that one scene from Alien. :goes to lay down:

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:mind fukken blown:



GOD, THIS SHIT IS GREAT! Who knew a couple of guys fucking around making machinima could pull this off?
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Oh my god.


Oh man, I hope Church and Caboose are still around. I miss them. :D

Looks more ~*~DRAMATIC~*~ than the old RvB, which suits me fine. I always kind of enjoyed the plot, especially.... Season Four? I think it was Four.

I'm off to spend the rest of the night watching.

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  1. Note to self: This video totally wins. \o/ 'Cause really... they turned Red vs. Blue into an existential drama! AND it's well edited. That zoom on O'Malley's face? SO COOL.

  2. I'm gonna get on bittorrent and attempt to download the entire RvB series. God, I love it.

  3. I used America: The Book as a serious reasource earlier today. I dare anyone to beat me on lameness.

  4. I keep having daydreams about another PRT AU. Because obviously my subconscious wants me to never finish a fic I start. Though, really, Anderson would make an adorable mage. I'd give him one of those floppy hats, like in Final Fantasy games. He'd totally make it work.

  5. Have downloaded about 40 wallpapers from DeviantArt's gallery here. They have widescreen WPs!!! Win! If anyone knows where to get desktop icons, you should let me know. Then I can customize and then I'll post a screenshot of my desktop.

  6. Okay, someone tell me this is a bad idea: Decemberists Fic Challenge. I've downloadedgotten a hold of their songs and each one has a story and I keep thinking, "this would make a great ficathon! Post all the lyrics, authors will pick the song, I'll send them the song they chose, and then there will be fic based off the songs! It is genius!"

    Except it totally isn't.

  7. But if it was, I totally call "The Infanta".

  8. Here's how bad my apiphobia has gotten over the last year: I actively hope it will rain, just so I have an excuse to close all the windows in the house and prevent bee- or wasp-infiltration.

  9. After I restart me computer, I'm gonna start doing meme responses.

  10. I want to read some fic. But I have read all the fic. How weird is that?



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