Jan. 17th, 2012

luciazephyr: shady individual lurking, beware ([Misc] Ian's an IRL lurker)
So a little while ago, some asshole called Mefista went on the Dresden Files TV Tropes page and deleted all the slash fic recs. I had a bit of a fit, flipped some tables, reverted the page, et cetera. Also happened to tell Grene that in retaliation, I was gonna write some gay porn.

Aaaaand then I did. And it was terrible, but Grene said I should post it. So here it is.

Fic: Completely self-indulgent Bakery AU porn
NSFW due to sex, sliiiight kink, because John likes Harry's aprons. Takes place after Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop concludes.

this has no real value, but whatever, it's fluff and a bit of porn. )


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