May. 13th, 2012

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And thus we come to the tail end of this saga.

Last time of Lucy And Her Housing Drama: The house buyers fell through! All is lost!

After, we got the other prospective buyers to come back. They made us save some money off the deposit, but it was still better than not having a buyer.

The kicker is that the flaky buyers called back at 9AM the next day to ask for another shot at the house. HAAHAHAHAHAAH no.

We packed up the house, signed the papers, and trundled out of Missouri, set for Florida. Some quick impressions:

Eastern Missouri: I am gonna miss all the farms and fields and moo-moos and random llamas and the hills and the vistas and everything about you. Chesterfield, MO, you had a great hotel but jesus fucking christ you are the whitest, wannabe-poshiest MO city ever. What are you and do you think I don't know all that elegant hanging ivy isn't natural.

Illinois: You're boring, and you need more road signs.

Kentucky: WHAT THE FUCK, KENTUCKY? It is really, really obvious that Kentucky has no fucking money because from the moment we entered Kentucky to the time we left, the roads were terrible. I am dead serious when I say there wasn't ten miles of road that was good. It was sad. Infrastructure, KT, have you heard of it?

Tennessee: Hilariously, at the NOW ENTERING TENNESSEE sign, the roads suddenly become beautiful and newly paved. I wish I got a picture, but it was awesome, like TN was mocking KT for its shitty roads. TN was very very pretty, but also absolutely terrifying. There's this stretch of I-24, west of Chattanooga and around Monteagle, where I honestly thought I was going to die. It's the road down the mountain, and it is too steep. It's fine in a car, but in a truck, hauling a large load? You can't stop. You literally can't. There are fucking runaway truck ramps all the way down. My life was flashing before my eyes because we just couldn't slow down. What the fuck, Tennessee? BUILD ANOTHER ROAD. ONE THAT ISN'T OUTRIGHT DEADLY. COME ON NOW.

Georgia: Better than fucking Kentucky and Tennessee. But on the flipside: it's Georgia. The only thing worse is

Fucking Florida: God, I hate Florida. Like, really. I hate Florida, and having to drive through it myself has only intensified my hate.

So yeah. In a few minutes, were going out to the truck to offload some basic shit-- clothes and tea and such.

BTW: Fish, you, me, get together sometime this summer? I will drive to you if need by. This is shit that should happen, yo.


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