May. 21st, 2012

luciazephyr: Fitz Kreiner, a man called Fortune ([DW] a man called Fortune)
a follow up to the last post, because Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner is possibly my favorite character in anything ever of all time okay.

"But you’re not my ancestor, are you?" hissed Father Kreiner. "You’re an ersatz version of me, created by the Remote over many years. [...] You’re a fake. You’re a fiction. Truth is, boy, I am the person the Doctor first met, first took from Earth in the TARDIS." He closed his eyes, and the lids fluttered as though he were searching deep in his memory. "I was the young man who went to China with Mao’s army. I wept at the sound of the T’hiili Queen’s song. I saw the double sunrise on Cherantrin V. It was me who travelled with him and ... Samantha? Yes, with him and Sam to Vega Station..."

There was a long pause. Fitz couldn’t think what to say to all this. Couldn’t admit it might be true. Couldn’t speak.

Kreiner’s eyes snapped open again. The Faction monster said, "I am the real Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner."

"And I claim my five pounds."
-The Ancestor Cell, Father Kreiner (original Fitz) vs Clone/'Real' Fitz

Who is Fitz Kreiner... Fitz Kriener is flawless, I hear his guitar is insured for $10,000!

Fitz is technically the longest-running companion in the DW series. He's the main companion in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a series of book that are pretty fucking awesome most of the time. Eight is personally my favorite Doctor thanks to said books, because he's just so damn interesting. But this is about Fitz, not EDA!Eight.

Yeah, but who IS he? )

Also, Lullabee, someday we should break down and post those Abridged EDAs. Some were pretty fucking funny, I think.


And for anyone who would like more info on the EDA books, Lullabee and I wrote the TV Tropes page on it (check out the Characters page for a full list of just how fucked up and amazing Fitz is). Not that I'm not still pissed at TV Tropes for their bullshit, but Lull and I wrote those pages, so.

And and if you like the audio adventures, Fitz got a guest spot in the Company of Friends work, and it was written by his creator, Stephen Cole, and while BFA!Eight =/= EDA!Eight, it's a good portrayal of Fitz's character. Besides the accent. Dunno WTF happened there.

AND AND AND if you want the EDA books, the mass majority are seriously out of print, but there are PDFs the fandom circles around. Hit me up and I'll get them for you if you're interested.


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