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Title: All for One
Fandom: Numb3rs
Characters: Charles Eppes and Lawrence Fleinhardt
Prompt: 41. "this is heaven to no one else but me; and I'll defend it as long as I can be"
Word Count: 854
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes, a person just needs a fix.
Author Notes: Just a cute ficlet. Can be taken as friendshipfic of pre-slash. Again, it'd suck without Miriam.


It took only a few months of being around the math department to notice a few things about Professor Eppes. One was that pop quizzes were numerous, yet completely random, jumping out to kill a student's grade the moment it rose enough for the pupil to stop panicking. Another was that if an iPod was confinscated, the student wouldn't see it again until Professor Eppes had time to copy the files he liked. Students who'd been in his class for long enough knew that if you wanted help with homework, be sure not to show up before nine; give him time to have at least two cups of coffee.

One of the lesser known things was that when the mathematician got stressed, he'd raid the entire building until he found something sweet, whether it was rightly his or not.

Couple this with the virtually unknown fact that Professor Eppes had the keys to Professor Fleinhardt's office and things get mildly interesting.


Larry was pretty sharp, he liked to think. He was a bit absentminded, certainly- who with an IQ as high as his wasn't?- but he noticed the important things.

Obviously, this was in lapse when he walking into his office without noticing the door was already unlocked. He never forgot to lock up when he left, especially since Ron Allen almost made off with millions of dollars worth of equipment. Yet today, it was unlocked, Larry didn't notice, and jumped nearly out of his skin when he circled his desk to find someone sitting on the floor behind it.

Charlie stopper shuffling through Larry's desk in order to glance up at its proper owner. "Morning, Larry. Toss me your keys."

"What- what are you doing? And how did you get in?" Larry snapped, one hand over his heart, leaning heavily on the desk.

"That Kyoto conference years ago, you gave me a copy of your key so I could get books from in here while you were gone. You never asked for it back. Keys." Charlie snapped his fingers impatiently.

Larry sighed and pulled his keys out of his pocket and tossed them over. "That's one of my questions answered. You may have noticed I asked two."

"You're really not nice in the mornings. I should tell Megan. She might want to know." Charlie replied, unlocking one of the bottom drawers. He glanced at Larry, to see the effect of the quip; Larry's cheeks flushed and he clenched his jaw, looking down and away. Charlie grinned and pulled the desk drawer open. "Eureka." He lifted the stray papers out of the drawer and set them aside, then pulled open a secret compartment in the bottom.

"Hey, stay out of there!" Larry pulled Charlie's hand out and pushed him away from the stash. "How'd you even know about that?"

Charlie leaned on the wall and sighed. "Every teacher knows to hide their things well, or else a student may spot it and it'll disappear."

Larry shut the drawer and leaned against the desk, his legs sheilding the trick-compartment. "And you found my hiding place. Congradulations." He pointed to the door. "Out."

Charlie pouted. "You're kicking me out?"

"It's too early for me to deal with you when you're in this... this mood of yours. Come back when I've had time to wake up." Larry replied, rubbing his face.

Charlie jumped to his feet. "Just one, and I'll leave you alone."


"Come on, I have very good reason."

"To steal from a collegue, a friend?" Larry asked in an accusing tone.

Charlie collapsed loudly into Larry's chair. "Yep."

Larry crossed his arms. "Well?"

"If I don't get a fix, I'm going to kill someone, someone who happens to be a federal agent, and that can only lead to bad things." Charlie explained.


"No, he's out of town. Some... FBI conference on drug busts? And he left this idiot, Michelson, in his place."

Larry smiled. "Is he a... newbie?"

"Pathetically so. I have to explain things in very small, monosyllabic words to him." Charlie grumbled, tilting back in the chair. "With everyone gone, I'm finding my patience is... low."

"As opposed to all the other times, when you have the patience of a saint, hmmm?"

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Snappy. Anyway, my stash is empty and I knew where you'd keep yours, so I came here."

Larry nodded thoughtfully. "Okay."

"Okay?" Charlie smiled hopefully.

"Yes, okay." Larry moved away from the desk and opened the bottom drawer. After shuffling things out of the way, he asked, "What brand?"


Larry pulled out a chocolate bar and handed it over. "Next time-"

"I'll ask first, yeah." Charlie smiled and stood up, tucking the candy into his pocket. "I've got a new team of feds to walk through finding the origin of a seemly random scatter."

"Lunch, then?" Larry asked, reclaiming his seat.

"If I'm not jailed for murder by then." Charlie waved. "Bye."

Larry waved back feebly as Charlie left. After the door clicked shut, his eyes slid to the hidden chocolate supply as he wondered how he might justified an early-morning Zero bar.

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Date: 2006-05-11 10:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL. That was adorable and hilarious.

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Date: 2006-05-12 12:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw, doncha love professors? I really do. My parents are professors so maybe I'm biased, but they're just so funny. :D


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