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New Meme:

List your fandoms (all the ones you really love). Under each one, name your three favorite moments from the said fandom.
No cop outs. Three canonical moments. Not "any scene where blahblah happened".
Only three. Yes, this is meant to be a pain in the ass.

-Stargate Atlantis

1. The look on Rodney's face as he picks up the big vial of enzyme and says "that's one heck of a karate chop", or something to that effect. I was distracted by the ACTING on Hewlett's face. ("The Hive", 2.11)

2. The horrible smile on John's face when he tells Rodney that he has a shot of regaining his trust. It hurts, because it's SO obvious that John's heartbroken, Rodney's destroyed, and they both want to make this go away but know they can't. ("Trinity", 2.06)

3. The tricks that Rodney's mind plays on him when he's stuck in the Jumper at the bottom of the ocean. Again, horrible and makes my stomach clench, to know that his own mind is against him, but trying to save his life. ("Grace Under Pressure", 2.14)

-House, M.D.

1. Jimmy at Greg's door with his overnight bag and sheepish expression. And Greg is completely unsurprised.

2. The smile Greg gets after Jimmy breaks his cane. Sitting on the floor, realization dawning, big smile.

3. A small thing in a well-known scene: When Jimmy's been sacked and is cleaning out his office. You know the one. The small thing? Watch Greg's hands. As he talks, he starts taking things out of the boxes again. So subtle. So lovely.

-Doctor Who

1. Tenth Doctor, "The Impossible Planet", this exact exchange:
Ten: Excuse me, ah, Zach, wasn't it?
Zach: That's me.
Ten: Just... stand there, 'cause I'm gonna hug you, s'that alright?
Zach: Suppose so.
Ten: *moves forward* Here we go.... Comin' in.
Ten and Zach: *HUG!*
Ten: Human beings, you are amazing! HA! *lets go* Thank you.

2. Ninth Doctor, "Boom Town", when Mickey shows up at the TARDIS and is So Not Welcome. Jack flirting, Nine being cute, Rose being gung-ho. Nine/Rose/Jack is the only OT3 I can actually see as more than an excuse to write a threesome. They are just the wonderteam.

3. Ninth Doctor, "Rose", the first meeting: "By the way, I'm the Doctor, what's your name?" "R-Rose." "Nice to meet you, Rose. *INSANE* Run for your life!"


1. At the end of 1.02, "Uncertainity Principle", when Alan finds out that Charlie gave Don a lecture on Heisenburg's principle before he goes into a firefight and Alan's all, "Dude?" and Charlie smiles and says over the rim of his drink, "It worked, didn't it?" The cuteness, the smugness, and the "well, it worked, yeah?"

2. In The Gambling Episode, (2.13, "Double Down"), in the auditorium, when Larry's looking over gambling equations and just isn't paying attention. And Charlie just says, stern but soft, "Lawrence." and Larry's suddenly back to the real world. I love it. That Charlie starts to Get It, that this is a big bad thing with Larry. And that he knows exactly how to get Larry back to reality.

3. In 2.15, "Running Man", after Charlie admits to have put Ron Allen under the spotlight and Larry just guilt trips the fuck out of him and Charlie ducks his head and you know he's two steps away from being sent to his room to think about what he's done. I love it.

Your turn, FList.


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Date: 2006-06-29 03:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG, House takes stuff out of the boxes?

Eee! So much love.

<3, even!

Damn it I wasn't done!

Date: 2006-06-29 03:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I accidently hit post comment and the html was effed up anyway. lets do this again.

As I have been ordered to do this:

1)Ok, because I'm a total fangirl: The Kiss. I think you know why. I laugh every time I see it. And it fulfills all my pretty slashy fantasies. I'll stop being predictable now... maybe.

2)Letters from Pegasus: Radek. When talks about Atlantis rising, it's one of the most amazing things. I feel the awe with him even tho I have no idea what he's saying. That was the one time I didn't want to look up the translation (and I ALWAYS do that) because I could tell what he was saying from his facial expressions. That rocks.

3)Rodney detoxing off of the enzyme. I dunno why but I love things like that. And seeing a fabulous actor like Hewlett doing that scene makes me want to laugh and cry for Rodney. And it's not just Rodney, it's Carson as well. Every time I watch it, I see something new from Rodney, from Carson and between the two of them.

1) stealing Luce's comment here. Number 3. I love that scene because Jimmy's voice does that little crack and I melt each time. And I totally did not notice House taking stuff out and that makes it so much better!

2)Three Stories: the whole episode. There really is no one moment that I can pick out of it, because the whole episode is fantastic.

3)I think this is predictable but the moment where House stands in front of Cuddy with his pants down, showing her The Scar. That moment is so powerful because you know the pain is partially in his head but his expression is pleading and all he really wants is that shot of morphine.

1)The end of an ep where Don says that he wouldn't mind hugs and Charlie opens his arms to give him one. Don steps away and they mock fight. That to me makes me smile every time. It shows the level of affection growing between them and I love stuff like that.

2) When Charlie and Don are in the FBI office and that dude comes in, shooting everyone. Don pushes Charlie to the ground and that made me go 'aww'. What killed me was that Charlie reaches up to grab his laptop! I love that. His life is in danger but you can see he has this irrational thought to save the laptop. It's like running back into a burning building to get your postcard collection or something.

3)I'm changing my last one Luce. The scene where Alan and Charlie are talking during Uncertainty Principle about when Margaret died. I think that one really sold me that these guys could really be a family. Not just some tv family, or actors playing family members, but they could be a real family. And that's totally cool.

Oh where to start?
1)In Home, Dean and Sam are at a gas station and Dean pretends to hit the bathroom. Instead he calls his dad and leaves a message asking him to help and call him cause they're going back to their old house. And Dean's voice breaks and you can hear that he's holding back tears and that he just wants to run away but he can't. Oh god I wanna hug him just thinking about it.

2)In Nightmare, after all the crap is over and they're about to leave their room, Sam asks Dean if he's freaked out. Dean brushes him off and makes a joke about going to Vegas. but as Sam turns to leave and Dean follows, we see Dean's face. You can see that he really is freaked out but is he freaked out for or by his brother? He's so unsettled and it's great to watch and question.

3)Devil's Trap. THE WHOLE EPISODE ZOMG! But there's one moment. Dean has Teh Gun and points it at his father. Sam walks in and John tells Sam to get the gun away from Dean. And Dean looks at Sam and says, this isn't our dad. Sam looks at Dean and then John and then goes to Dean and it's just awesome. Because even when faced with his father (granted, he had problems with him), but even when Dean has a gun pointed at their father, he still sides with Dean. He trusts Dean completely and it's oh so lovely.

Ok I'm done. I think that's all the pertinent fandoms right now. Happy?

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Date: 2006-06-29 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Numb3rs #3.

See, no. I just... I think they should have gone with the original shooting order and pushed 'Uncertainity Principle' back to the fourth. It was way too soon to see all that emotion. But, ignoring ep order? Yes, very good.

And you're making me wanna pick up SPN again...

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Date: 2006-06-29 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I guess I can see that but don't forget, Charlie and Alan have been living together. Don was the one who moved out. So it makes sense to see that lvl of emotion since we, as the viewers, are walking into their relationship at the middle. I see Alan and Charlie as closer than Don and Alan. Alan may not understand Charlie as much as Margaret did but he can pick up on Charlie's mannerisms/moods etc a lot faster than Don can.

It's interesting cause in the commentary Nicholas and Cheryl say that when they wrote that scene, they didn't see it with as much emotion. But DK added emotional depth to the scene.

SPN GOOD! YOU GOTTA WATCH IT. PLEEEEEASE. It is so pretty. Go to youtube. go watch.

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Date: 2006-06-29 10:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ten: *moves forward* Here we go.... Comin' in.

...And that is exactly why, even after all that's been said about him (and what I've said about him) I love Ten. C'mon, it's obvious. Ten-nant.

Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna do this too, but I need to think about this properly, so maybe you'll step to my LJ later and find it there.


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