May. 19th, 2006


May. 19th, 2006 04:33 pm
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I'm done with my sophomore year! Fuck yes, mate! *pumches air* And I got it all done. Two French projects, two Physical Science reports, an 170-something-long list of maths terms, and nine finals in four days.

WHOOT! I really think I pulled things off this time. *thumbs up*

Funny coincidence: I've been having really awful headaches all week. Now, I feel fine. Ain't that just grand? *grin*

In sadder news, my teacher, mentor, and friend, Coach C, has left the faculty of the school. He taught physical science to the school and taught me to have some faith. No, I'm not a Christian, but I have nothing but respect for them, thanks to one man. He's left to go overseas as a missionary and English teacher in the Middle East. I'm very worried for him and hope he's okay. He says he'll be fine, because this is what God wants him to do. Well, I hope he's got God's message right, 'cause a man that wonderful and kind deserves a happy life, damnit.

He was witty, snarky, a bit of a geek, and saw right through my bravado. Not many have done that, but he was always ready to take my ego down a few pegs, to lecture me on trying to accept others, to be less hostile, and to just believe that things would go okay. Poor Coach, on the receiving end of so many of my panic attacks. I had to wait forty minutes for my bus to arrive, so I'd just hang around his room if he was staying after school to finish stuff up. We'd talk about religion, our beliefs, movies we saw, our latest theories on LOST, and Life, the Universe, and Everything. He's a devout Christian, but not once looked down on me, even when I told him I was a militant agnostic. I think he genuinely cared about me. I know I cared about him and would be destroyed if something bad happened to him.

So, his last day teaching at this school for the next two years, maybe more. Billy gave him a cool Spiderman shirt (Coach loves Spiderman). Kasey was clever and gave him a new stapler 'cause his old one was in dire need of an exorcism. Whenever it broke, I'd say "We need a young priest and an old priest, sir" and he's give me the look he seemed to reserve for me (exasperated and not admitting he's amused) and say my last name in a whiny tone. Same way he does when I ask more than five question in fifteen minutes, but he always tries to answer or tells me he'll explain if I come in after school.

Me, I followed geek fashion and gave him a CD. I called it 'ad astra per aspera', which is Latin for "to the stars, through difficulty". It's got music about travelling, going home, looking back on your life- I thought it appropriate. And I made stunning art for it, a full booklet with lyric snippets, but my printer couldn't handle it. *sigh* Ain't that my luck? I got two really nice hugs from him before leaving 'cause I was about to cry.

He gave me a book of his- "More Than A Carpenter"- saying it was something he wanted me to read. I'll read it. And probably act girly and cry over my lost friend.

God, I'm gonna miss him.


Hey, God, it's Lucy. Listen, You got a cool cat in Your flock. Goes by 'Coach', athlete, a bit in love with his mountain bike, whines a lot? Yeah, him. Here's the thing- he's doing Your Almighty Work or whatever and it's putting him in harm's way. Just warning You now, if You hurt him, I'll crawl out of whatever special hell they put me in and stab You in the kneecap.

Hugs and kisses,

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Everyone has this awesome song, right?

The Caesars - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".

If you don't get the awesomeness at first, reconsider the last verse and realize that the Reaper's singing.



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