Feb. 14th, 2009

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So I'm sippin' my morning tea (yes, I know it's 1:30, long story) and reading TV Tropes. As you do. I stumble upon What Could Have Been, which is a collection of what some of your favorites stories might have been before circumstances or Executive Meddling forced a change.

And I find this:


Okay, I'd heard the MGS4 one before (though the staff mutiny is news to me and frankly fucking awesome), but MGS2?! Oh my god, I know the game's ending had to be changed because of the Too Soon, but there is.... there is so much awesome right there. And not just my wee slasher heart going "HAL AND DAVE, BOYS, ILU~" but Snake actually having a decent disguise, the even more mindfucky "Is Rose Real?" thing, and the Hudson Bridge thing (not shown here, go look at the entry)?

I love MGS2, don't get me wrong. It and MGS3 are my absolute favorite games of all time (except Okami, but even Kojima is powerless against that masterpiece). But I wanna go to the Alternate Universe where that was MGS2. Some of those ideas are so epic, I'm pissed they aren't canon. This is the first time I wished TVT did cite their sources because maaaaan. I want more info.

lol staff mutiny, haha Kojima, you twatwaffle



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